The Voice of the Soul

Voice Liberation and Voice Healing

9-16th june 2017

With passionate trainer Jacky Peeters, Voice Liberator and Voice Healer at Atelier La Luna (The Netherlands) and assisted by Soprano Singer, Voice Coach/Art Therapist Carla Pontes (Portugal) When: june 9-16 and  September 23-30 2017 Location:   Casa Spa d’Alma Costs: 495 euro training, 450 euro stay and meals Subscribe: Your voice Your voice is a very powerful healing instrument. And the beautiful thing is: it’s always at your service. Voice Liberation and Voice Healing offer you a way to heal yourself step by step through sounding and singing. By doing so, your voice  shows you the way to your soul. By listening to your body and surrendering to the sounds coming from your voice, it is possible to express yourself without limits. By doing so, you are able to accept and transform blocks and old beliefs you carry about yourself. Voice Liberation and Voice Healing Voice Liberation is singing and sounding what is in you, in the present moment. Through your breathing and your unique sounds, you express what you experience, here and now. Often this kind of singing and sounding brings you into contact with tension, discomfort or emotions that block you unconsciously. This way, the light can shine on your shadows so you can liberate yourself. We can use our voice not only to express, liberate and heal ourselves, but also to direct our healing voice to others. During the training, you will experience how much we can offer each other through sounding and singing, while tuning into other person’s issues.  What to expect? Through daily subjects, and your personal intention, Jacky and Carla will guide you in discovering your unique voice. During this profound process, you will probably contact hidden emotions and unconscious beliefs. By accepting and expressing matters that you usually rather avoid, will lead you to experience more space, playfulness, joy and love: liberation. The workshops will include guided meditation, silence, sharing with the talking-stick, bodywork, breathing exercises, (mantra)singing, singing and sounding in the circle, in couples and individually, sounding your name, lament singing, systemic work, rituals and giving and receiving sound baths and voice healings. Morning meditations, (silent) walks  in the mountains, a healing drawing workshop and workshop at the beach are also part of the program. There is plenty of space for individual attention in a safe setting and loving atmosphere. There will also be enough space to relax and integrate. About Jacky Being a health scientist originally, my life guided me to a more spiritual path, in which my voice leads me the way. It is a beautiful and  liberating adventure, that has given me a lot of growth and healing in my personal process and in my professional development as well. Many years I attended sessions and workshops with Jan Kortie, the Dutch pioneer in Voice Liberation. For me it was self- evident to become a Voice Liberator, when he introduced this training. I guide adults and children through this beautiful work since 2008. From the beginning I have combined the voicework with intuitive drawing, which was the foundation of  Atelier La Luna in 2005. Attracted by the sjamanistic aspects of Soul Voice® I attended the intensive international program of the founder Karina Schelde between 2010 and 2014. Soul Voice® is a concept which combines bodywork, breathwork, sjamanistic  rituals, voice liberation and voice healing. The program I offer you is inspired by all the things I have learned. It has become my own unique mixture of Voice  Liberation, Voice Healing, meditation and some aspects of systemic work.  For more information (Dutch) or mail           About Carla Singing, acting and improvisation had a strong presence in my life, since I was a little child. I used my voice as an instinctive way of transforming the mood. I was also fascinated by drawing and later studied arts and crafts and became a teacher. At the same time, I never stopped singing and I started studying classical singing, becoming an opera singer in the Algarve. I attended several classes and master-classes with in-numerous teachers in Portugal and abroad  to develop my technique. I have always believed that the voice has a strong connection with our body and emotions in a deeper level. Therefore, I studied with people that worked body, movement and voice connection, like the fabulous Meredith Monk, Jorge Parente (Zygmunt Molik (co-founder of Grotowski’s Theatre Laboratorium)) and the sound healing and ancestral healing pioneer Jill Purce. I attended BioVoice course and Estill Voice Training System® - figures of voice control. I took a post-graduation in ArTherapy and Waking Dream Therapy, gathering art, music and creative visualization.  Actually I continue studying, singing and giving singing classes and workshops. I do relaxation massage with Tibetan Bowls and Voice Sessions, a mixture that I called Sound Voice Massage Journey. In 2015, I met Jacky in a retreat held in Portugal, which I attended, and we had a truly nice connection. The way Jacky works is an inspiration for a more continuous work with little groups in my own workshops.
The Voice of your Soul..
Casa Spa d’Alma

Hiking at the best places

Casa Spa d’Alma

Hiking is natural medicine.

Walking in the hills gives you unforgettable pleasure, in the end you may be tired but you also feel strength and vitality. Going uphill you breathe in the pure Monchique air smelling of herbs and eucalyptus, going down you sometimes need to use your whole body to keep the balance. Hiking is living in the moment. We organize hiking weeks with small group 2-8 persons. After breakfast we leave for a walk of 3 hours, with photo breaks, etc. we will be on the way for at least 4 hours. The afternoon is for relaxation in the sun, cooking class or other own activities. During the breakfast you make a lunch-packet for the walk, we provide something extra like egg- salad or tuna-paste. Make sure you bring a small bag-pack for water, etc. Price: €595 per person, based on 2 persons in a double room. Inclusive, welcome and goodbye dinner and 2 extra dinners, breakfast and lunch-packets. Exclusive: Flight and transfer. Single person room €95 extra.
For those that love cooking there is the possibility to have a class in the afternoon. Authentic Portuguese meals prepared on a wood stove in the outside kitchen. How great can that be? Those that do not want to cook can still enjoy the results of this unique experience. Discover with Manuela the secrets of the traditional Portuguese kitchen.
Portuguese cooking class during the hiking weeks
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